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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I travel often and cannot make it to your location for services. I am interested in-person services at my location. Can you travel to me for services?

A: Yes, mobile services are available for an additional fee, which varies based on location.  Contact us to receive pricing information.

Q:  Can I legally practice as a healer once I complete your healing course?

A:  Medical Qigong does not have to involve touching or manipulating the body, which may require a massage or acupuncture license.  These systems can be considered spiritual based healing systems.  Therefore, many energy healers along with our graduates legally practice their modality all over the world, with and without a massage license.  However, in some areas there may be a requirement for you to become a licensed minister to practice spiritual healing or spiritual counseling.  Our Meditation Coach certification can also be placed in this category.  Our Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Nutrition and Herbal  certification may be incorporated into your established massage, yoga, or ministerial practice, depending on your location.  The Nutrition and Herbal certifications may be included within a consultation service.  Each course includes general business processes for establishing and maintaining a practice.  However, we suggest that you consult a legal professional for specific facts regarding your practice endeavors.  

Q:  Is Dr. Amun available to teach a workshop at my location?

A:  Dr. Amun is available to teach live workshops globally.  Contact us for detailed information.

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