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Kemetic Shaman Healer: An Introductory Guide - Healing with The Hieroglyphs

Dr. Amun, Wabet em SKHMT (Healing High Priestess of Sekhmet), has been intuitively guided over many years to utilize Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs (Medu Neter) for vibrational healing and consciousness development.  This book is a guide to projecting the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs onto vital points throughout the human body, to harmonize the vibrational field. The use of ancient symbols is an inherent indigenous practice of connecting and communicating with the healing forces of NTR/Nature, Universally.  

Release:  Summer 2017

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Aum-Ka™ Chakra & Meridian Tea

Dr. Amun's Aum-Ka Chakra & MeridianTea addresses mind, body, spirit, and emotional issues through special formulated herbal tea remedies. The tea package contains 10 unbleached tea bags with a combination of organic herbs to balance your chakras/meridians and their associated physical concerns.  The heated tea bags may also be applied to acu-point along the body.  - $10


Aum-Ka Botanical Detoxification Body Mask

Dr. Amun formulated this energetic purification botanical body mask to assist in auric and body cleansing. The pores of the skin breathes in toxins, causing energetic imbalances and a build up of physical toxins throughout the body. The botanical body mask contains a combination of herbs, flowers, sea vegetables, clays, and minerals to fortify and strengthen the subtle body, and the physical body, by reducing the effects of environmental pollution, EMF (Electromagnetic Field) pollution, along with additional life stressors. The mask may also assist in reducing toxins which create the appearance of cellulite under the skin. Just add water, apply to the body, and leave it on for a minimum of 30 minutes. The mixture may also be added to hot water for a foot soak, which will also assist the body and energetic systems in detoxification. 16 oz/1 lb - $50


Aum-Ka™ Chakra Activation Aum Chants

Aum chakra chants, a spontaneous live recording, performed by Dr. Trinity Amun, while visiting the Pyramid of Giza. The chants have been programmed to activate, harmonize, and align each of the energy centers in succession.

Track 1: Chakra Activation Aum Chant 59:32

Note:  Download is no longer available at CD Baby.  You may request to purchase the download through this website, or order the CD from Amazon, below.

CDBaby Review

    Jonathan R.

Incredible Energy Transmissions!
I have been having this audio on rotation as a passive way to unblock my chakras. I purchased it because it is a live recording, and I wanting to hear a real person chanting om. However I didn't expect to feel such an energy shift in my self and in my home. I felt more awakened and aware of my body and my surroundings. Visitors to my home commented on the house feeling more peaceful and clear, and asked me if I had feng shui or a house clearing done. I told them I had been listening to an om audio to activate my chakras. The energy activation was noticeably felt, and I feel much more clear, balanced and alive!!! I am now keeping it on constant rotation in my home.

Amazon Top Customer Reviews

By KMB on October 27, 2016
Verified Purchase
A seemingly simple chant, but with amazing results. My chakras are tingling from head to toe! When I listen to the chant I feel emotions come to the surface that I need to deal with, but then they will melt and leave me feeling peaceful and blissful! Highly recommended.

Aum-Ka Vibrational Therapy™ Book I: Quantum Chakra Alignment Meditation Note: This book is now complete. However, based on the advanced practices contained throughout this book, the content is only being offered through our Aum-Ka Vibrational Therapy™ Courses II and III. Those who have pre-ordered the book have received their copy.

This book is a guide to universal consciousness expansion, and is dispersed with poetic, quantum, and cosmic renderings to activate your infinite awareness. Practical instructions are included to align your main and extended chakras, from the cosmic realm into the earth's core, awakening your multidimensional awareness. The meditative practices will assist in  reconnecting your chakras/energy centers to Universal Source, while activating your Ka (life-force), light body, and the vibrational strands, templates and Source codes of your DNA.


Aum-Ka™ Energy Clearing Mist

Aum-Ka™ activated healing mist, consisting of a proprietary blend of essential oils, minerals, gemstones essences, and quartz infused purified water, to clear and harmonize the aura and the environment. Includes a brief manual on how to clear energy in your aura and your surrounding environment. 2 oz

Price: $20