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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Is Shamanism witchcraft?

A:  A Shaman or Shamaness, called by various other names throughout many cultures around the world, is someone who is aligned with the forces of NTR/Nature to utilize at will.  Traditionally this alignment accompanies purity of spirit and intent to provide healing to self and others, as well as to assist in harmonizing the environment.  Within environmental studies, the branch of Deep Ecology expounds on our human ability to re-connect with this intrinsic oneness with nature.  You may associate this unity with any term you desire.

Q:  How is Thai Yoga Therapy different from Aum-ka Yoga Therapy?

A:  Thai yoga massage is a client passive therapy that involves yoga assisted postures and acupressure done by the practitioner.         Aum-Ka yoga therapy is a routine of personalized postures developed for the client to perform on their own.

Q:  I travel often and cannot make it to your location for services.  I am interested in-person services at my location.  Can you             travel to me for services?

A:  Yes, mobile services are available for an additional fee, which varies based on location.  Contact us to receive a fee quote.

Q:  How do I receive energy healing and attunement activations from a distance?  Isn't it best to receive them in person? 

A:  Our energy healing and activations are accomplished with a conscious integration of the life-force with Source.  Therefore, time and space are not limitations.  The subtle bodies; the aura, chakras, and energy points are the focus of the therapy, which can be successfully accessed by a trained and/or gifted healer, despite location. 

Q:  My religion does not allow me to chant mantras.  How do I practice Aum-Ka without chanting Aum?

A:  Aum is the primordial sound of creation, the origin of all other sounds, which is beyond religious dogma.  However, you can         find Aum/Amen/Amin used in many religions.  Therefore, you can chant Aum and still be faithful to your religion. 

Q:  Why do we have to reconnect to Source, aren’t we already connected?  

A:  Some of us have became consumed by worldly concerns, therefore, we have simply forgotten our Source embodiment and connection.  The memory loss has been programmed into our sub/consciousness, and we must reactivate our Source memory.   However, Source has never disconnected from us.  Therefore, we must learn to re-member our Be-ingness, which will activate cellular memory to Source. 

Q:  Do you use the tuning forks to help activate the Ohm vibration?

A:  There are tuning forks that are tuned to the Ohm frequency, based on the scientific discovery that the Earth's yearly circumambulation around the Sun produces an Ohm vibration.  We have discovered that each individual has their own unique Aum/Ohm vibrational octave, which changes based on the healing need.  Therefore, we mostly focus on healing through the use of the body's natural born tools.  The body and mind can be trained to be the strongest healing tools one can acquire on Earth.  However, Sound can travel as an inaudible wave to the human ear, and can be created through numbers, light, movement, geometry, e.t.c.  Chanting is also a popular form of Sound Healing, and in addition to Aum chanting, we also incorporate Sound Healing of various notes and frequencies throughout our therapies and courses.  

Q:  What kind of symbols do you use in the Aum-Ka process?

A:  The symbols are sacred geometry found in nature.  The Aum vibration produces many patterns, which are located in the               course manual.  The symbols can be used to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit, as nature intended.

Q:  Is Aum-Ka similar to Reiki?

A:  Most rediscovered ancient forms of healing have similarities.  However, the Aum-Ka symbols, found in nature, are different from the Reiki symbols.  Also, Aum-Ka consists of certain meditation practices, and healing through precise acupressure points along the bodies main and extended meridians.  The Master Healer level incorporates the healing of the earth's meridian lines and vortexes   However, both Aum-Ka and Reiki are healing practices that focus on the fusion of the life-force with Source.

Q:  Can I legally practice as a healer once I complete your healing course?

A:  Aum-Ka is not an invasive, body manipulation therapy, and does not have to involve touching the body, which may require a massage or acupuncture license.  Aum-Ka is considered a spiritual based healing system.  Therefore, there are many energy healers who legally practice their modality all over the world, with and without a massage license.  However, in some areas there may be a requirement for you to be a licensed minister to practice spiritual healing or spiritual counseling.  Therefore, we suggest that you consult a legal professional for specific facts regarding your healing practice endeavors.