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Aum-Ka Vibrational Therapy™ is a meditation and vibrational healing system for personal empowerment and transformation, developed by Dr. Trinity Amun. The healing and meditation system accesses the primordial universal vibration of creation, which is known as Aum/Om/Ohm. From the perspective of science and spirituality, Aum has been intoned since ancient times for its healing properties. Ohm resonates with Earth's life-supporting vibration, harmonizing our biological rhythms with Nature, through sympathetic resonance. Aum consists of four vibrational sounds that correspond to four levels of consciousness. “A” represents the conscious waking state. “U” represents the subtle, unconscious dream state. “M” represents the casual, subconscious deep sleep state. The fourth sound is the silence culminating the sound of Aum, which represents the absolute consciousness, illuminating the three prior states, creating universal balance and harmony - Ma'at. The Aum-Ka™ process activates the Universal vibrations of Love and Light, beneficial cosmic and solar frequencies, in conjunction with pyramidal vibrations, also known as the MerKaBa, around the body, creating a transmitter and receiver of a multidimensional electromagnetic alignment with Source. The Aum-Ka™ process opens the body's energetic pathways, enhancing and fortifying the Ka; the life force, while dissolving blockages. The Aum vibration, properly harnessed/"earthed" within the activated cosmically aligned, solar and pyramidal structure, can assist in opening, harmonizing, and stabilizing the main energy systems along the vertical center of the body, in conjunction with the body's meridians, expanding into the atmosphere, addressing a plethora of mind, body, spirit, emotional, and physical imbalances. The Ka is the Ancient Egyptian/Khemetic reference for the life-force energy, also known as the Qi, Ki, Chi, Prana, and other references throughout the world. The practitioner will learn to harmoniously (re)connect to the sacred geometry and vibrations of Universal Creation, to awaken the healer/teacher/guru within, and to direct the energy throughout the body, the chakras, the aura, into specific acupressure points located throughout the body's meridians, and all other aspects of one's life and environment.  The process activates the, Light-Body and DNA structures, eventually clearing the genetic memory from misalignment to Source. 

Dr. Amun is also the developer of Aum-Ka Vibrational Therapy™ and was gifted with the insight into transformation and healing using the vibration of the sound/frequency of AUM, during a prolonged and intensive spontaneous Pleiadian meditation.  She recognized the AUM vibration in all of life, as the "engine" of creation, emanating from The Central Sun, into all of existence.  She was shown how to utilize the primordial symbols of Aum to harmonize the energy centers and acu-points along the meridians. She was also shown how to bring harmony into her environment with the vibration through thought, sound, and movement.  She has been guided to reside at various locations close to the earth's vortexes to assist in the harmonization of the meridian/sen lines of the earth.  She later discovered that this ancient path has been experienced by many sages and healers of the distant past, and recent times.